Machine for testing sintered materials

img (Photo with courtesy of Fac system)

img (Photo with courtesy of technisch bureau Koppe)

img (Photo with courtesy of technisch bureau Koppe)

Machine for testing sintered materials. One of the most elaborate models ever made in FAC. The model was designed and built for the Swedish Institute for Metals Research, possibly by Mr. Koppe Sr. in 1961.

The machine was used to test sintered materials by spooling thin metal wires in a strictly parallel fassion (not generaly the case by standard winding machines). It’s interesting to mention, that Philips developed the technology for orthocyclic coilwinding, a type of winding which seems to be related with the functionality of the above pictured machine.

De gearbox is very compact, the camwheel was custommade but it’s use is commonly known in FAC. The spindle seems to incorporate 2 functions: by rotating the spindle a coil (to be placed on the centre axle of the spindle) is getting winded. The camwheel provides a certain translation, possibly axial to the spindle, but this is just a guess due to lack of info. It seems to me that the custommade pulleys follow this movement in order to equally divide the copper wire (or other type of wire) around the coil in order to make a parallel fassion possible.

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