Three planet orrery

pic pic

Based on CSM 8, available at MWMO. pic Original model

The modelplan was clear, although I must admit, that the photo’s were very important to understand the construction of the model. I modied the model about the following:

  • the basement and all of it’s gearings is placed between 2 hub discs (118), held on their place by long screwed rods. This results in a round stable box which fits within the circular movement of the planetary system
  • the centre axle is in fact hollow(!) to provide electric wiring for enlighting the sun. Due to this decision, the model is very fragile
  • the angle girders of the earth arm has been replaced by 2x2 flat girders in order to make the model as filigrane as possible
  • for the same reason the cage of the lunar orbit drive has been built up with screwed rods to enlarge the visibility of the lunar drive system (see picture on the left).
  • The small and large toothed brass rings are made by Mr. Piet Leemans, a well known member of the MGN (Meccano Gilde Nederland)