About FAC System

FAC is a modulair construction kit, designed to develop mechanisms, machines and other prototypes in a rapid and easily understood 3D form.

The basic elements are based on a measurement of 7mm, derived from the sum of the diameters of the rod and screw. All plates measure 2 or 3mm thickness, the distance between screwholes is 14mm. Screwholes and slots measure 3.1mm. Axles measure 4 and 6mm. The 6mm axles are from non alloyed high grade steel with a surface hardness of 60 - 64 hrc. The thread is M3. The module of the gears is 0.7 or DP36.

Tolerances for non-fit measurements is 0,1mm, for corresponding length measurements 0,05mm and for spherical fit surfaces (holes and shafts): holes H8 (- 0 + 0,018mm), shafts H8 (+ 0 - 0,018mm).

Fac is used for rapid prototyping of mechanical devices in a professional environment and complies with the requirements within high engineering standards. Devices constructed with FAC are statically very stable and can be used in testing environments.

All FAC parts are online for sale.