FAC users in Holland

FAC is used for rapid prototyping of mechanical devices in a professional environment and complies with the requirements within high engineering standards. The following companies have been using FAC for several research projects:

Tebodin design and engineering consultants
Figee design and engineering consultants, mainly cranes and other transportional equipment
Océ manufacturer of printing and copying hardware and related software
Philips CFT, Philips Centre for Manufacturing Technology
Philips Telecom Philips Telecommunication
Machinefabriek “Johan de Wit” production facility plant (Philips)
Technical University Eindhoven education
Technical University Delft education
TNO Science centre for applied technology
Academic Medical Centre of Utrecht 2 devices built with FAC parts known:
- vibrating device with FAC parts in order to keep bloodsamples in a fluid condition
- ultrasound measurement device to measure the activity of human brains (prof. Denier van der Gon and prof. Verbiest, department neurosurgery)
Olvis Smeltzekeringen Fabriek N.V. former manufacturer of electrical parts and devices. FAC was used from the mid 60’s until the mid seventies for prototyping devices to create special types of electrical wires to be used in fuses
Koninklijke Shell Laboratorium Amsterdam oil industry. FAC was used to create a frame for an EXAFS device.
AKZO Nobel chemical industry. FAC was used to create frameworks to test tensile strength and fatigue strength of synthetic threads