Your model in VirtualMEC

Do you want to have your model to be built in VirtualMEC, but don’t have the time or facility to do it yourself?

This website provides the opportunity for you to computerize your Meccano Model in VirtualMEC, regardless size or complexity.

You can contact Wilbert Swinkels for further details.

The pictures below give an impression of the possibilties and high grade of complexity achieved by computermodelling. Read about the characteristics of VirtualMEC. The objective for computermodelling is producing complex computermodels to be used by any potential Meccano enthousiasts as a reference for their own model.

Super Meccanograph Super Meccanograph, also known as a guilloching machine

Synchromesh gearbox Synchromesh gearbox

Meccano clock Meccano clock striking mechanism

Synchromesh gearbox Meccano cyclograph main drive system