Orthocyclic Coil Winding Machine


This Meccano coil winding machine has been designed and constructed by Gjalt van Slooten(1927-1992). Gjalt van Slooten lived in Drachtstercompagnie and was a well known member of the Meccano Guild Netherlands(MGN). The prototyping of the machine started in 1985 and took 2 years to finish. A Virtualmec file can be downloaded via http://virtualmec.com

More info will follow.

pic Orthocyclic coil winding machine

Short history about orthocyclic coilwinding

pic Flyer winding machine approx 1967 by Philips

Coil winding machine according to Gjalt van Slooten

A booklet about the coil winding machine will be published on this website in the near future.

pic Frontpage of the booklet